Opera Transcendence, Lamont Style.

First of all, congratulations to all of our superb Susannah performers from April 18 to 21—you all deserve to be commended.

On that note, the opening night cast that I saw, including leads Sarah Cambidge, Michael Hewitt and Senhica Klee taught me to savor Opera (I’m not a traditional opera lover but I’m coming around). I sat spellbound as Sarah hit high notes that I didn’t realize could be produced by a collegiate singer—those Canadians don’t kid around…

What really struck me was how Senhica Klee, a soaring tenor, blended his voice to create lilting, powerful duets with Sarah throughout the show. These singers are professional grade to be sure, and I feel fortunate to have been front and center.

And then there was Mr. Michael Hewitt as Pastor Blitch (how he made an unsavory character captivating, is beyond me, but Michael figured it out). I’ve dreamt of possessing a commanding baritone voice such as his, but alas, I’ll stick with the cello.

The pit orchestra, conducted by Lawrence Golan and students Breanne Cepeda and Kornel Thomas, provided musicianship reminiscent of pit performances I’ve heard on Broadway. Their vivid and nuanced sound took the opera to the next level.

Nicely done student opera stars, actors, chorus, pit, conductors and crew, what a night I had at the opera—I’ll remember to wear a bow tie next time!

Can’t wait for Oklahoma next fall.

See you at the next show,
Jullian Ramirez as Little Bat and Sarah Cambidge as Susannah in the Lamont School of Music production of SUSANNAH - photo courtesy of the University of Denver LOW RES

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